13 July 2007

the joyification properties of homemade cookies

tonight i was having a bad night... i have been pms-y and crabby and unmotivated the past couple days, and about half an hour after i'd gotten to a show at the organ haus tonight i discovered that a bottle of beer had leaked out into my bike bag and destroyed any shred of paper i'd left in there. (plus my bag is saturated with beer and now hanging upside down from the shower head to drip freely into the tub.) so i rode home (in a downpour) and decided to bake off the snickerdoodles i'd been interrupted from making earlier in the evening.


i used the snickerdoodle recipe from LDV and must say i am very pleased! it's just like i remember tasty snickerdoodles being: just slightly sugary crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside! yum yum yum. my night has become infinitely better, and i am excited to try out zucchini pancakes in the morning for a secret surprise breakfast. followed by the homoplex rummage sale and vegan tasty lunch preparations with micah. things are definitely looking up.

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